About Steve - South March Studio


- Was a Canadian Ski Patrol member

- Skied waste-deep powder in Tahoe

- Attended the  STS-102 Shuttle launch 

- Has been on-board a space ship (Discovery)

- Was part of a team that helped assemble the ISS

- Sat in a CF-104 Starfighter fighter jet

- Has been up in a Stearman bi-plane

- Sat in the Vector - a one-of-a-kind supercar

- Has ridden a camel and an elephant

- Has been sprayed by a skunk

- Has flown a Cessna

- Used to go to work by hovercraft

- Has been up in a hot air balloon

- Visited Stone Henge

- Had a ticket for a flight that crashed

- Rode up an escalator with Liberace

- Drove a tunnel hull 63 MPH (101.4 KPH) over the water

- Designed and built our house

- Hit both posts and the crossbar with a single shot playing soccer

- Had dinner (and breakfast the next morning) with a Victoria's Secret angel

Is an audiophile

- Is ambidextrous

- If it doesn't exist, I'll make it


- Dogs

- Pie (any kind!)

- Anything unique

- Science,  Engineering and Architecture

- Legs (women's!) and dimples (also women's)

- Crispy bacon

- Jazz and 70's music

- Old buildings

 - Real Christmas trees

- Drums

- The colour red (blue used to be my favourite)

- Palm trees

- Red wine (especially Cabernet Sauvignon)

- Strong coffee

- Facts, reality and logic

- '72 Corvette

- Thunderstorms

- Symmetry

- Consistency


- Paisley

- Tie-dyed shirts

- Laziness

- Barbara Streisand

- Bruce Springsteen

- Clutter

- Being cold

- Getting both hands dirty

- Having long finger nails

- Trends (I'd rather lead than follow)

- Fighting with technology

- Party hats

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